the franki
locals funds

What does it mean to be a franki local?

Franki isn’t just a way to decide where to eat or drink – it’s a way to discover what you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Because we are more than a utility, more than a list. More than one to five star reviews. We are a trusted source of information from a community of locals in the know – one that you can believe in.


And our franki locals are that community. Explorers who love capturing and sharing their experiences through authentic, helpful videos.

What is the franki locals fund?

Our franki locals fund is the first step toward continuously supporting our franki local community. Currently accepting members by application only, it is designed to reward chosen users for content creation and community building. It’s a way to help fund their passion, so they can continue to do what they love best – explore and share their experiences.

How does it work?

Our fund gives our passionate locals the opportunity to get rewarded monthly for continuing to make
helpful content, and for building their own community on franki. Once selected to be a part of the
franki locals fund, members are rewarded for:
Each helpful video posted
Engagement that they drive and their content drive (views, likes, comments and shares)

Each new follower they gain

Each new user that installs the app and creates a franki account (limited to one account per person)
In addition to earning rewards for the individual activities laid out above, users can earn bonuses for
exceptional contributions.


In addition to rewards for the actions listed above, users will also be eligible for monthly bonuses that will reward a variety of franki locals for sharing helpful and engaging content, building their community, and for embodying the ideas of the franki local community.


These bonuses, along with additional rewards and reward programs, will be ever-evolving and expanding over time.

The future of the franki locals program

This fund is the first iteration of our larger franki rewards program. While it will be ever-evolving, the aim is to build a tiered system that boasts higher rewards the more contributions a franki local makes to the community. This encourages users to move up through the system, toward the ultimate top tier of franki trailblazer. The trailblazer program, separate to the franki rewards program, will be an invite-only group that enjoys special benefits in addition to the cash rewards program. We also plan to incorporate a value-sharing model, so creators can accumulate further rewards as franki continues to grow.

Want to join our franki locals fund?

The franki locals fund is currently invite-only, and is limited to users within the United States who have met the minimum requirements outlined below:
  • Have created a franki profile And have filled out their profile (name, email address, phone number & user handle)
  • Have posted 2 helpful video reviews at local businesses
Once you have met the minimum requirements, all you need to do, is submit your information and we will review your profile and content and let you know if you are successful in joining our franki locals fund.

Enter your details

By submitting your information you are stating you have read and agree to our franki locals fund terms and conditions, which you can View Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each month, all franki locals who have earned rewards will be credited straight into their franki wallet, which can be directly linked to their bank account. This makes it simple and easy to cash out directly into their preferred account. We will also be providing ongoing reports of what locals have earned and the breakdown of those earnings. Important to note: we may not be able to connect to all bank accounts, credit unions in particular, as this is facilitated by a secured third party called Plaid.

We follow a set of principles to guide how our bonuses will be rewarded:

  • Helpfulness
    – Helpful locals and content is defined as that which is honest, trustworthy, and helps other users make decisions

  • Community
    – Both within franki and in the real world, aimed at encouraging our locals to actively build their community, through continued engagement and following

  • Exploration
    – Whether it be trying new places or trying new styles of content, we want to continually reward our locals for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible of what it means to be a franki local

Once you have met the minimum requirements and submitted your information, both outlined above. Our team will review your content and profile, then we will reach out if you are successful in being selected. Although we would like to let everyone join, we have a limited number of spots available within the fund. We will do our best to select the users who have best met, or gone above and beyond, the minimum requirements and have shown to uphold the values of our franki locals community.